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 USAID Assistance in South Africa

The PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief) program enables USAID to assist Southern Africa. USAID provides assistance in the following areas to the South African people: 


•         ARV Drugs

•         ARV Services


•         Basic Health Care and Support

•         TB/HIV

•         Orphans and Vulnerable Children

•         Counseling and Testing


•         Abstinence and Be Faithful

•         Condoms and Other Prevention

•         PMTCT

•         Peer Education

•         Skills Development


Economic Growth – to generate rapid, sustained and broad-based economic growth and employment to reduce poverty and create jobs. 

Investing in People – to help the nation achieve sustainable improvements in the well-being and productivity of their population through effective and accountable investments in education, health, and other social services.

USAID assistance in Southern Africa

USAID Southern Africa supports programs to: 1) promote democratic and good governance; 2) increase economic prosperity and security; 3) conserve the region's natural resource base; and 4) counter the spread of HIV/AIDS. USAID addresses these issues through programs that strengthen regional institutions, advance regional integration, create jobs through increased trade, improve food security, strengthen the response to HIV/AIDS, promote electoral reform, and improve the management of shared natural resources.


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An update on the Board of Directors

An update on the Board of Directors

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