Andre Kruger

André joined OLIVE LEAF Foundation in 2002 as the Operation’s Director for Africa.  He is currently the Board President having served as acting CEO from 2008 to end 2009.

After graduating from the University of Johannesburg with a Master degree in Commerce, André spent most of career over the last 30 years, in the South African corporate sector.  His business experience and corporate background was instrumental in turning OLIVE LEAF Foundation into a formal enterprise.  André is a vigorous campaigner for the best interests of the organisation and to ensure that we render superior performances, make a distinctive impact in the lives of those we serve and have a lasting endurance in what we do.

His career highlights include:       

Appointed as Management Accountant at Tongaat-Hulett group’s mushroom operations in 1983.  By 1986 appointed as the Managing Director’s Assistant, managing the commissioning of the largest shelf technology farm in the southern hemisphere.

Joining an electrical manufacturer in 1988 as General Manager.

Commissioning a patented retail water sanitizer with environment friendly attributes and launches the product range in the local FMCG market.

Driving the mobile telecommunications business plan and shareholders’ agreement at MultiChoice, leading to the creation of Mobile Telephone Networks Holdings (MTN).

Commissioning a value added service company, conceptualising the methodology of asset tracking using mobile telephony network infrastructure.

Compiling the rural network application for the Third Mobile Telephony application in South Africa.

Consulting for Professional Engineers on telecommunication strategy.

Compiling specifications for student and administrative business processes for a local university.

Compiling a mobile telephony application for a national network in Mozambique.

Compiling a local under-serviced area license application for Bojanala area.

André is passionate about OLIVE LEAF Foundation’s purpose to enable sustainable community development.  As an economist and experienced business executive, he has the ability to manage the organisation by setting an example in leadership and fulfilment.  His attributes are reflected in a burning passion and commitment to serve OLIVE LEAF Foundation, our beneficiaries and all those who align themselves with such humble tasks. 


André is married to Heidi.  They enjoy opera and sharing their lives with friends and family.  Their Rottweiler, Gosha, is renowned for making unexpected appearances at the office.

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An update on the Board of Directors

An update on the Board of Directors

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