News in South Africa

News in South Africa

Thoughts from the International AIDS conference

Day 1, 4 August, 2008 Mexico City

International AIDS conference

Due to a combination of jetlag and the excitement of being in Mexico city, I was up at 3h30am waiting for the sun to show its face so I can embrace the day!

After a great 'Mexican' breakfast, we ‘mozzied’ on along to the shuttle where the networking began! Thousands of people from all parts of the world are suddenly united together in this rich city with one cause, which calls for Universal Action!

Plenary Session 1

Alongside Jaime Sepulveda, Thembi Ngubane, Geoffrey Garnett & Elisabet Fadul, a panel of experts discuss ‘The State of the Epidemic’ and the challenges that exist in current prevention strategies.

Key Points:

Universal access by 2010 calls for dynamic Leadership
Investment needs to be put in combination prevention strategies
A need for programs to reach the most vulnerable persons i.e. MSM; CSW; IDU’s; and migrant workers.
Access to treatment is increasing but there are still more people getting infected than those on treatment – a call to comprehensive prevention strategies!
Male circumcision to be incorporated into prevention programs
Young people’s involvement in advocacy and decision making regarding policiy formation
A need for evidence based behaviour change interventions and services
Pivotal for prevention interventions for young people to address young PLWHA’s & their Sexual Reproductive Health needs.

Quote from one of the speakers:

even the best OVC programs cannot replace parents, the best way to support OVC’s is to keep parents alive"

Read more in the Global Voice daily newspaper published at the conference.

Posted By Melissa Johannes to The OLIVE LEAF Foundation
at International AIDS 2008 at 8/05/2008 07:02:00 AM

News in South Africa

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