News in South Africa

News in South Africa

The Journey kicks off in Soweto

The OLIVE LEAF Foundation is starting a process of internal change and Join The Journey is our vehicle to drive this.

Join The Journey is about self-discovery, learning about our past, our old habits and ourselves. It is about acknowledging these and exploring a new self as individuals and as an organisation.


Soweto: Paul & ladies Soweto: Paul Selepe dancing 


Join The Journey’s goal is to help the OLIVE LEAF Foundation grow by instilling new habits and fresh ideas, empowering it to truly turn hope into reality. It will help translate the principles of Good to Great from concepts into tangible behavior as well as assisting us to take our values and allow them to govern our behavior. The Good to Great principles are:


Disciplined People.

Disciplined Thoughts.

Disciplined Actions.



 Soweto Discussion 2

Soweto Discussion 3

The first session was conducted in our oldest site, Soweto were 90 staff members joined the journey. They were asked to consider and paint what the OLIVE LEAF Foundation could look like if we all practiced disciplined thought towards ourselves, others and our work. We include the paintings created.

Soweto Art 1
Soweto Art 2
Soweto Art 3
Soweto Art 4
Soweto Art 5
Soweto Art 6

Soweto Art 7

Our call is for each and every one of you to join in on this remarkable journey. We will be visiting exciting new destinations, traveling through undiscovered territory, using fresh routes and meeting new people. So pack your bags and bring your cameras. Remember, there is always space for one more!

News in South Africa

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