News in South Africa

News in South Africa

Shebeen Gender Workshop


Sixty two community members arrived to attend a workshop at Gabe's Tavern in Khayelitsha and for the first time female participants were present in such a workshop. Key stakeholders such as the Department of Social Development and Medicins Sans Frontiers (MSF) were among the guests. The facilitators were from the community that received training from the OLIVE LEAF Foundation Abalingani Gender Programme.

Several topics were addressed during the day. One of the sessions was on fatherhood  and the role of the man. This proved to be sensitive topic contested by beliefs around culture, religion and morality.Some of the points brought up included that the participants felt fatherhood is not just a man's responisbility to his family, but also to the community he lives in. One participant mentioned that when fathers experience challenges it is the women's fault,because they spoil the children. The lively debate exposed many gender stereo types. The Department of Social Development spoke on substance and alcohol abuse. The participants stressed the need for sensible drinking. MSF facilitated a session on TB Infection control. The aim was to curb the spread of TB.

In response to the information shared, the participants coined a slogan (A.A.) “Asityanga asiseli” meaning: "we have not eaten, therefore we won’t drink". The thinking behind this came from the fact that many participants have observed friends going to a shebeen either early in the morning or late at night, often without having eaten.

During the course of the workshop a fire broke out in one of the houses in the neighbourhood. The participants banded together with the invited organizations had to provide assistance in stopping the flames from spreading. A sense of togetherness and brotherhood encouraged all present that “Ubuntu” is alive!

News in South Africa

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