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News in South Africa

Prayer meeting for Class of 2010

Class of 2010a

2010 has been a year of festivities in South Africa. Who can forget the successful hosting of the historical FIFA world cup? This festivity brought a change in people lives as everyone wanted to take part and be witnesses to the event. A change was also noticed when the midyear school holiday was a month long and this meant that the time pupils spent at school was shortened.

As we were enjoying the benefits of hosting the world cup in July, civil servants embarked on a lengthy strike which included teachers again. Schools could not function and kids were left to fend for themselves. As if this was not enough COSAS started with their own protest action which saw more time being lost.

It is during this time that progressive organisations like OLF with its partners decided to assist school children to access educational support.  Afternoon and weekend classes were organised by the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Grade 12 children in the metro were transported by OLF to the Missionvale compass to attend classes to catch up on time lost.

Class of 2010f


On Friday the 22nd of October 2010 a prayer meeting for the class of 2010 was organised by OLF and other relevant stakeholders, this meeting was held at Walmer High School and it was well attended.  This meeting was braced with the presence of community church leaders whom I cannot stop thanking for their unwavering support.

Class of 2010d


Speakers present at the event motivated children, some even cited their personal experience of writing matric exams.  School children were also presented with an opportunity to tell of their future ambitions, what excited those that were in attendance, especially the school principal of Walmer high school, was the fact that some of the kids were keen to plough knowledge back into the school after they have achieved their ambitions.

Class of 2010c


Towards the end of the event school children were presented with chocolates bearing special messages by nursing staff from the local clinic and OLF.

Class of 2010b


As if this was not enough, OLF went further to present school children with files that contained grade 12 question papers for the previous years, these files will remain the property of the school and teachers will annually file question papers that would assist  the next grade 12 class.

Class of 2010e


OLF would also like to take this opportunity to thank the communities and other relevant stakeholders in the Nelson Mandela Metro for being supportive to our programmes, we are also calling upon those that want to contribute positively to the OLF cause to not shy away from approaching our offices.

Good luck to the Grade 12 class of 2010.

Written by Kaya Ngcelwane

Area Manager: NMM Office.



News in South Africa

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