News in South Africa

News in South Africa

Port Elizabeth Grannies on the go

Four Grandmothers from the Veeplaas Community Granny Support Group are proud to share their beadwork skills with learners from Harvest Christian School in Port Elizabeth.


Two years ago Nomonde Siwani (OLIVE LEAF Foundation fieldworker) motivated the four women to begin beadwork lessons. Not only did Nomonde find a member of the community to help teach the grannies the skills needed for beadwork, but she also invited interested parties to come and view the beadwork creations.  All the visitors, including Melissa du Toit who is a Teacher at Harvest Christian School in Walmer, were amazed with the talent and skill.

During February Melissa returned to visit the grannies from the Support Group but this time she was not there to purchase beadwork, but rather came with another agenda in mind. Melissa asked the grannies if they would be willing to share their skills and teach beadwork classes at The Harvest Christian School in Walmer. The school has offered them remuneration in return for teaching the learners from the school beadwork skills. The four Grandmothers are all carers of orphaned and vulnerable children and therefore welcomed not only the opportunity to pass on their skills to learners but also to earn money to support their families.


 “I worried about whether I would be able to feed my grandchildren because the grant from the government is so low.  By coming to this support group I discovered that I had a skill to use to generate an income. I was happy about this.  But I am even happier to know that my skill is needed to teach others how to create something beautiful” (Mrs Sokola, one of the Grnadmothers from the Support Group).


Congratulations to the members of the Veeplas Granny Support Group and to Nomonde Siwani for all her hard work with this project!

News in South Africa

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