News in South Africa

News in South Africa

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On Monday 3 November 2008 we welcomed the OLIVE LEAF Foundation! Staff gathered in Cape Town, Soweto, Pretoria, Durban, Mthatha and Port Elizabeth to participate in the launch of the new name and logo. The CEO, Dr. Paul Selepe addressed all the staff via a pre-recorded DVD


 DR P in Soweto Dr. Paul Selepe addresses the staff in Soweto during the launch of the new logo. 


Transcript :

We are proud to announce the creation of the OLIVE LEAF Foundation, fuelled by our desire to achieve our vision of enabling sustainable community development throughout Africa’s needy. For several years, we as an organisation have undergone a strategic shift in our thinking and through this have resolved that a name change would best reflect this process. We as an organisation have been delivering hope to our needy communities across Africa for over twenty years and are determined to continue to do this for as many more. Our goal is to turn hope into reality, driven by improved systems and organisational processes, better staff, responsible custodianship and diligent administration. Through our national and international partnerships we will continue to deliver our services and programmes with effectiveness and passion, building on the strong reputation that we have developed over the years. Our name change from HOPE worldwide South Africa to the Olive Leaf Foundation must be seen in the utmost positive light. This change has empowered us to shrug off the old ways of doing and seeing things and adopt new and improved standards of excellence. For us this is a fresh start and a continuation of the journey that was begun in 1989.

We specifically chose the olive leaf as well as the tree it comes from because it represents everything we stand for. Throughout time, olives, olive oil and olive leaf extract have provided important healing qualities – olive leaf extract acts as an immune booster and anti-microbial that fights viruses and bacteria.  Olive oil was used to anoint kings and fuel lamps for light and for centuries people have been refreshed by the shade provided by olive trees.  The olive leaf is a symbol of peace, often used as an emblem of royalty and status. This symbol is internationally recognised and also exists on the logo of the United Nations. The dove is representative of our organisation, offering healing and peace to our communities as well as carrying a message of hope and freedom to challenged communities.

We have embarked on a new journey, leaving the past behind us, looking towards the horizon for more adventure and challenges and ask that all of you join the journey for change and betterment with all your heart and soul.

It is the OLIVE LEAF Foundation’s desire not only to stand firm but to flourishes and become bigger and have more impact on its role to provide sustainable community development and improve the lives of those less fortunate.

Thank you and God Bless.

 Soweto Launch Staff at the Soweto branch of the OLIVE LEAF Foundation

All across the country staff joined in celebration with singing, prayers, pledges their commitment to enabling sustainable community development! The festivities echoed the OLIVE LEAF Foundation Staff's passion and dedication to serve and capacitate the communities they come from and work in. With great enthusiasm and spirit the staff chanted: "Viva OLIVE LEAF FOUNDATION Viva!  Longlive OLF, Longlive! "

CT LaunchIn Cape Town, each staff member took a branch of olive leaves and pledged their commitment to the work that they do.

In picture: Mbu the Cape Town Driver



News in South Africa

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