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News in South Africa

Food gardening in Zandspruit

Since 2007 the OVC team in Zandspruit informal settlement was looking for a place to establish a food garden. It was not easy because Zandspruit is a small area. It is still a private property, and most of the places in Zandspruit are owned by farmers in the area. The Emthonjeni community centre however has a large area with unused land to grow vegetables.

Zandspruit food garden 5

This site is where OLF has its offices. Every time the OVC team spoke to the Emthonjeni about using the land for a food garden they found that another organization had requested to use the land already. All of these organizations were however unable to sustain their gardens. Then the Emthonjeni manager decided to give the opportunity to OLIVE LEAF Foundation (OLF).

Zandspruit food garden 3

The garden was launched on the 11/ 09/ 10. The Mosaic church volunteers helped out and donated seedlings and manure on the launch day. On that day Mosaic Church, OLF staff and members of the Zandspruit Child Care Forum planted the following: Lettuce, cabbage, red pepper, sweet pepper, beetroot, carrots, tomatoes and spinach.  Zandspruit youth and other members of the community received education on how to make compost and to use car tires efficiently for pot plants. The garden was officially handed into OLF’s responsibility.

After three months this is the results see photos below:


Zandspruit food garden 4 Zandspruit food garden 2

Large quantities of spinach was harvested. Some of the produce was donated to a partner school called Golang and some were given to needy households and children.


Martin from Farming God’s Way trained the OLF staff and the community members who were also involved on how to plant mealies by using the God’s Way method. On mealies and tomatoes this is what we have now see photo’s below. 

Zandspruit food garden 1


News in South Africa

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