News in South Africa

News in South Africa

Chief Mavuso Crowning

Crowning of Chief Mavuso

The crowning of Chief Mvuso in the town of Alice, former Ciskei on 21st November 2009, was a five-day event that saw the community coming together to celebrate and learn. Chief Langa Mavuso (Aahh Zwelidumile - his praise name) is one of the 40 Chiefs under King Maxhobasakhawuleza Sandile (Aahh Zanesizwe - his praise name), King of the Rharhabe Kingdom. He is an Advisor to the King and is Acting Secretary in the Office of the King.



The festivities started on 13 November with a community meeting to discuss needs and resources in the chiefdom. OLIVE LEAF Foundation was invited to do a presentation on the different services available in the area.


The community gathered with great enthusiasm for the soccer tournament on the second day. Clubs and spectators were converged at Chief Mavuso’s Tribal Authority yard afterwards to attend a session on gender issues facilitated by OLF.


To remember those who have passed away over the years a candle light Memorial Service took place on the evening of 18 November. Special mention was made of those who died due to HIV/AIDS. The messages also reached out to those who are currently living with the disease to live positively. Hundreds of children from local schools attended sessions on teenage pregnancy and the importance of abstinence.

News in South Africa

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