News in South Africa

News in South Africa

Cleaning Campaign at Bizza’s Tavern

Khayelitsha: Cleaning Campaign at Bizza’s Tavern in Site B.

By Eric Bafo – AGP Co-ordinator

It was a great day on the 17th of July 2009 when participants from Biza’s Tavern at Site B embarked on a clean-up campaign of the entire area. The campaign itself was championed by one of the volunteers from the Abalingani Gender Programme. A large number of community members in Khayelitsha from M section in Site B joined the enthusiastic participants and also provided plastic bags and brooms.

After a thirty minutes briefing on commitment to action, the cleaning up began. A strike in the area did not deter the group, even though those who were striking were littering the streets as a way of protesting against low quality housing. Amazingly the angry protestors abandoned their strike and joined the cleaners instead. Over 150 people took part on the day.

Activities included sweeping the streets, removing weeds and cleaning the drainage system whilst participant were singing and more onlookers supported the work by supplying refreshments. Conversations included the value and importance of shebeen workshops that the OLIVE LEAF Foundation facilitates and hopes were expressed that further campaigns and initiatives would result from the workshops.

At the end of the day there was an agreement to embark on a cleaning campaign every second week as the initiative was a tremendous success and several other organizations indicated that they would like to join OLF for the next event.

The campaign itself has been integrated into the AGP programme with its own reporting system. A member of the community and participant in AGP workshops ,Mlulami Ncele, has volunteered to manage the Site B campaign around shebeen workshops and the clean-up campaign.


News in South Africa

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