News in South Africa

News in South Africa

Amsterdam, here we come!

The video-links below tell a story of a group of musicians – Khayelitsha United Mambazo- who have achieved their dream and are standing on the first step of a world career.

In 2006 the group was presented with an opportunity to form a partnership with the OLIVE LEAF Foundation – through the programme called “Ubuntu Bamadoda”- The Ubuntu of men. The partnership had only one requirement: Take responsibility for the boys on the street around you, and teach them about responsible manhood. As it turns out, four years later, this choice was the most important choice they made in their lives. The group has long been a familiar sight at the V&A waterfront, where they depend on tourists for their income, by selling their CD’s. In the winter months however the rainy weather of Cape Town drives tourists indoors, and money and food are scarce.


The short piece ‘Ubuntu, Ubuntu Abantu’ was recorded in our Khayelitsha OLF office.



When the OLIVE LEAF Foundation then offered the partnership they did not hesitate, they joined the programme enthusiastically and began to work with twenty boys from their neighbourhood, teaching them traditional African song and dance. In return, the OLIVE LEAF Foundation presented them with valuable opportunities to strengthen their capacity to earn an income through their music. Today the group is performing on an international stage. They passed an audition to become a supporting musical cast for the production of the musical Amandla Mandela! The first run of the production will be from October 2009 until March 2010 in the Carre theatre in Amsterdam.



From the OLIVE LEAF Foundation we want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the guys. WELL DONE!

It seems you made the right choice. You are also showing a group of twenty boys who believe in you what any person can do if they dream big enough.

May you fly like birds.

News in South Africa

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