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A Global Day of Doing

Sunday is the 10th of October, 2010, or 10:10:10, and this year it has been named A Global Day of Doing! This is hoping to be the biggest ever day of positive action on climate change, and we think you too should do your bit, even if it’s something small, to mark this day.

From sumo wrestlers cycling to training in Japan to 10,000 schools planting trees in Croatia and Russia, from a carbon-cutting telethon on national TV in the Netherlands, to hundreds of people in the UK sitting down to low-carbon Sunday lunches, this is going to be a really inspirational day. So what can you do?

  • Living in a draughty old building? Using a lit incense stick, search out the places where draughts are compromising your home's energy efficiency and plug those gaps

  • Make sure there's less food going to waste by planning your family's menus before going to the supermarket.

  • Use this day to mark the day your family changes its approach to energy use. Maybe you could set yourself a family treat, like a day out, as a reward to aim for in three or six months' time 

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News in South Africa

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