A day in the life of...

A day in the life of...

Team Building in Zandspruit


Zandspruit is one of the OLIVE LEAF Foundation sites situated in northern Johannesburg. The site services about 75000 people who live in the predominantly informal settlement. Zandspruit has 12 staff members who serves this community with 3 different programmes. These are Care and Support (CAS), HIV counseling and testing (HCT) and care for Orphans and Vulnerable children (OVC). The OLIVE LEAF Foundation office is housed at the Emthonjeni community centre. Translated in English Emthonjeni means “The Well”. 

In the last 2 years the office has gone through rough times. The staff have lost a manager through death and faced severe community challenges. Among others, there are high levels of crime, child rape, abuse of women and children and a high incidence of HIV/AIDS. The site was also affected by an organisational restructuring that took place and there has been a lot of uncertainty, mistrust and low morale among the staff. With all these challenges a plan had to made. It was decided to begin a monthly team building exercise.

Zandspruit team building 1

It was agreed by the staff that every last Friday of the month everyone will contribute monies to either have a lunch together or a braai after work. This has happened for the last 3 months which means we have had 3 get togethers. The morale of the staff is changing so dramatically that they have begun to share stories from their work and what what we are doing with their own families because it’s such fun. 


Zandspruit team building 2


The unity is amazing and we have started to work as a team.

During the month of August the Zandspruit staff added the element of acknowledgement by nominating each other for the Best Employee of the Month. In August this category was won by Tebogo Makwala. 

Tebogo is a non paid volunteer who has been affected by our recent restructuring, she was not retained as a paid volunteer. Tebogo offered her services with the organisation for free with absolutely no pay at all. She is involved in all the activities we do. She is based at the clinic here she conducts a support group and gives formula or milk to HIV positive mothers. She is quiet in nature, has a great attitude to work and never complains. 


Zandspruit team building 3


She was overwhelmingly voted 100 % by all the staff members as the best employee of the month. We must share that this was not based on sentimental value, but on merit.  

She was a deserving winner.  

Written by Raymond Mayiji


A day in the life of...

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