A day in the life of...

A day in the life of...

Polokwane team building

Polokwane Paella

The OLIVE LEAF Foundation team in Polokwane, which consists of ten staff members, had a thrilling occasion during the regional conference in Gauteng. You may agree that the conference came at a right time as many staff members were still recuperating from the severe far-reaching turn of retrenchment. Sitting together around the table for breakfast and dinner, spending more hours chatting was indeed bonding time for the Polokwane team, not to mention the team building activity it was simply a cherry on top.

Polokwane Paella 1

The team building activity was on the night of the 1st of September 2010 (World spring day) at Valverde Country Hotel. OLIVE LEAF Foundation staff members made their own meal called paella; it was two teams competing for the first position. There was a price for the winning team after difficult decision made by the head Chef. The activity was stimulating to the team, what a wonderful taste of a team building experience; it was so contagious that it even rubbed off to the volunteers that could not be with us there. On the same night the team had an opportunity to dance together; it was fun and left the team with long lasting memories.

Polokwane Paella 2

The activity was designed to provide mechanism whereby employees in Polokwane can learn to work and bond together to bring a positive mood, in a non threatening, competitive and creative atmosphere at work.

The benefits of our team building activity was;

It improved the moral of the staff,

Enabled staff to work as a true team player,

It develop trust and collective motivation of a team,

Stimulate the team by being given responsibility,

Induce the spirit of camaraderie,

Lead to personal growth and motivation when feel moved forward, learning new concepts.

Polokwane Paella 3

Written by Donald Lesele

A day in the life of...

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